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African-American Children, Tweens and Teens Best Sellers

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends advising parents to begin reading aloud to children from birth. Reading during the early years of life creates significant impact by: • Stimulating Brain Development • Strengthening Parent-Child Bonds • Fostering School Readiness

Many generations of Americans know little about African American authors and illustrators. Pyramid Books has identified seven key ingredients to look for in Afrocentric books suitable for all children’s literature nutrition. These books should do the following things:

• Provide positive images that leave lasting impressions.

• Provide accurate, factual information that is enjoyable to read.

• Contain meaningful stories that reflect a range of African American values and lifestyles.

• Present nonfiction that is relevant to today’s issues.

• Contain materials that are self-affirming.

• Portray strong three-dimensional characters.

• Contain attractive graphics.

The choices adults make as parents, grandparents, guardians, and teachers about literature for children, unequivocally nature or deprive children’s literary development. We must also promote solutions about loving to and learning to read. It is our duty to sustain a lifelong will to read. Our children's literary lives depend on what we are doing today .