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The Rise Of A Dope Boy Chick: An Urban Fiction Novel (Paperback)

The Rise Of A Dope Boy Chick: An Urban Fiction Novel Cover Image
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Cole Hart Signature's new author, Shontaiye Moore debuts her new series, The Rise Of A Dope Boy Chick. This gripping, African American Urban drama will leave you speechless...Every girl wonders what it's like to be a dope boy's girl. From the money and cars, to the glitz and glamour; being in love with a dope boy is a hood fairy tale. It was all fun and games for twenty-one-year-old Asia until the heartbreaking losses started piling up. Mitch was her ticket away from her family and into the good life, or so she thought. After several years of carefree living, he is snatched up and handed a devastating thirty-year prison sentence; life immediately changes for her. She quickly finds herself penniless, all alone and back at home with a baby to care for.With her rare beauty, it doesn't take long before Asia catches the eye of an up-and-coming hustler named Waleek. He quickly snatches her up and returns her to her accustomed lifestyle. Although Waleek takes away all her financial worries, he replaces them with a different set of burdens. Between his crazy baby mama and the secret he's keeping that can dismantle his budding drug empire, their relationship seems destined to fail from the start. Can they survive and beat the odds stacked against them?Just when things with Waleek get crazy, Mitch sends one of his associates to help Asia create the life she's always dreamed about for her son. Under Mitch's guidance, she's learning to stand on her own, but also finding that she's feeling more than friendship for the person he sent to help her. With her heart torn between the men, can she keep it together and play the game by the rules?This explosive, fast-paced, initial installment will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Despite the losses and setbacks, nothing can stop The Rise Of A Dope Boy's Chick

Product Details
ISBN: 9798618895699
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 27th, 2020
Pages: 158
Language: English