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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Kobo eBook)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Cover Image


One moment Alice is sitting along the banks of a river admiring the wind, the next she is tumbling down a rabbit hole. Far away from the life she was used to, Alice’s adventures in the fantastical, and oh-so-strange, Wonderland is delightfully bizarre and tremendously entertaining.

From the mind of a creative, kooky, genius, comes the unforgettable story of a young girl’s journey through and odd land. Equal parts political commentary and societal satire, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an iconic coming of age story as seen through the expert lens of a child’s imagination. Delicate, bizarre, and utterly nonsensical at times, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland remains as a literary treasure for all who dare to dream, wonder, think and explore.

With an eye-catching new covers and a new informative note about the author, this edition of Alice in Wonderland is both modern and readable