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Pyramid Books Editing Services

Breaking News!!! Pyramid Offers the Write Editor for You We are pleased that you have contacted Pyramid Books regarding your editing needs. Whether this is your first project or your fifth, whether you are a new aspiring writer or a seasoned author, editing is essential to your success in this highly competitive market. While Pyramid Books cannot guarantee you a book deal, we can guarantee that with our services, when you choose to submit your labor of love for publication, whether to a major publishing house or small press, your preparation and professional presentation will surpass those who skip this critical step.


Pyramid Books Editing Services knows the industry standards and will apply our expertise to your work. We’re better than spell-check because we recognize when a word is spelled correctly, yet is the wrong word to use in a particular context. We’re better than your friend or relative who love your idea or story, because we check for flow, continuity, character development and plot, in addition to punctuation, grammar and syntax. We remember it is your work; therefore, your voice and style will be respected and retained. Our job is to work with you to produce a better manuscript.

So, whether you need light or heavy editing, or possibly rewriting, Pyramid Books Editing Services is ready.

Please send us an email at  to see how we can work together.

Thank you,

Pyramid Books
Attn: Editing Services

Phone (561) 731-4422

FAX (561) 731-0202

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